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Promax Blue Welding Gloves... we've raised the bar (again)!

Promax Blue Welding Gloves


We’re fanatical about offering the best quality welding gloves

...and that means if we can make them better, we will !

Here is why our latest Promax Blue welding gloves are even more comfortable and longer wearing than ever before;


Weldclass Promax Blue

Other inferior welding gloves

Leather Thickness & Strength

Leather is up to 70% thicker than other gloves... for superior protection against heat, cut and abrasion.

Thinner leather, easily tears, wears quickly, offers less protection

Leather Flexibility

Stays supple and flexible for longer

Stiff & inflexible, stiffness increases with age


Strict tolerances on stitching patterns for better comfort…. especially around the fingers

Uncomfortable ‘Pinch’ points around fingers, variations from one glove to another

Thumb reinforcing

New thumb ‘wrap-a-around’ reinforcing: Extra protection where your thumb is most exposed to the welding arc

No reinforcing on outside of thumb

Cross-Stitched Palm

New double cross-stitching of palm Prevents reinforcing separating from glove

No cross-stitching: Reinforcing more readily separates from palm



 Promax Blue Welding Glove with MIG Torch


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