User Reviews: Weldforce 201T AC/DC TIG Welder

Date: 30-05-2022

Video reviews and comments from owners and users of the 201T AC/DC TIG welder from Weldclass Australia. 


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Angus - Sunshine Coast QLD

Angus and the team from SCBB Fabrication put the 201T to the test, in their marine fabrication workshop on the Sunshine Coast. 



Paul - QLD

 I'm mostly retired now after 35 years of building aluminium boats but I still do a bit, if it's interesting.I do occasionally have people ask what is a good machine to buy. Sometimes I give tuition. I chose this machine on value rather than price. A good 8m torch, adequate leads, a quality flowmeter and a decent duty cycle. Also the 3 year warranty is appealing although I've never killed a tig machine yet, just upgraded when I see something I like.
About 1991 I bought the first Transtig 150 for $3000-00 which makes modern machines seem cheap. I've been using a Jasic 200P for the last 10 years until a mate made an offer on it.
I have only used the new one enough so far to just get used to it's control panel an general characteristics but I know it will do what I want better than the old one.
It's a pleasure to weld with and I would recommend this machine to anyone who asks.


Alan - QLD

"How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10 Comments: very impressed, I am not a trade qualified welder but have put a lot of time into teaching myself from the basics, with this machine and the more complex process of tig welding. the machine is easy to move and transport, the features for such a compact design i think are exceptional. the operating manual is clear and easy to understand. the process of set up also very easy to do. all in all i am happy with buying this machine. regards, Alan Johnson"


Cameron - QLD

"Awesome machine, has improved my welding out of sight. Thanks weldforce"


Chris - NSW

"It's compact , quite, simple to use and set up. It has every setting you require. The 15 amp plug has enough range and duty cycle for and light fabrication work on any weldable metals. The foot control is essential for small or spot welding. You will go a long way to find a better A/C HF TIG / stick welder."


Hayden - SA

"Very impressed with the size and weight of the machine compared to previously owned welders. The feel of the machine and accessories seem high quality, nice sheathing around tig torch lead and love the 8M lead. Works well on aluminium the only minor negative thing I have to say is the A/C balance is a setting of -5 to 5 unlike other machines I have used which express it as a percentage."


Noel - QLD

"Compact with easy details on how to set the machine also plenty of how to details found on WWW, have found the machine easy to use so far (has been 30 + yrs since I last did any tig welding but have found it very user friendly)
Would highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a good quality for price Tig welder for home or workshop"


Reade - QLD




Steven - NT

"Complete beginner, never welded before in my life. Need to weld aluminium airconditioning pipes for jobs so purchased this to teach myself how to AC Tig. Very straight forward controls. Very user friendly. The team at total weld got me on the right track straight away, told me everything i need to know to get started. Very happy with the machine and sales service & will keep going back."




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