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Weldclass Donates $1000 to support Ukrainians


Supporting those in desperate need

With the unfolding crisis in Ukraine still raw in our minds, we felt compelled to do something. Millions of Ukrainian citizens have lost the many comforts that we all take for granted; homes, family members, communities, infrastucture, food, water, shelter and more.

The Weldclass Foundation ongoing charity support program has donated $1000 to RRT Operation 322, which directly supports Ukrainian refugees. 


What our donation goes towards

100% of our donation will go towards providing essential supplies to those effected by the war in Ukraine. Supplies include; food boxes, personal care items, baby food, nappies, bottled water and blankets.


Thank you!

We'd like to say thank you to the distributors and welders who support Weldclass, and in turn allow us to support the people of Ukraine in this way. 


About RRT Operation 322

RRT Charity initially set out to raise £250,000 globally, to donate to Ukrainians in need. This target was smashed in just 20 hours and now RRT have now raised over £1million for emergency supplies and will continue to support those effected.

28 truckloads of aid have already been delivered. RRT are committed to supply 13,836 food boxes, 55,344 meals, 24,300 Smart cookie bars and 82,080 bottles of water.

Watch the video below, for an update on RRT Operation 322. 

Read more at rrtglobal.org   Read more on Facebook 






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