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Supershield CrC Hardfacing Wire | Introducing Platinum CX-1800

Hyundai Supershield CrC Hardfacing wire alternative 

From Good to Great

We're taking an old favourite - Supershield CrC - to a new level of performance.  We guarantee that the new Weldclas Platinum CX-1800 hard-facing welding wire will offer you everything that is good about CrC, with higher performance to save you even more time and money.  Here's why;

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Made in Europe

Weldclass has partnered with leading European metallurgical experts to develop the next-generation CX-1800, to suit Australian conditions and save equipment operators time and money... by increasing wear life / equipment service life, reducing down-time costs, and increasing up-time.


Next-Level Wear Life

In terms of abrasion resistance and wear life, CX-1800 takes the respectable performance of CrC to a new level. 

While both products are "chrome-carbide" wires, Platinum CX-1800 includes new technology and special carbide additives not found in other other wires.  This results in even higher resistance to abrasion, with a wear life improvement of around +25% vs CrC, and up to 3-4 times better than basic* hardfacing wires.

Wear Retention Comparison
Based on wear tests to ASTM international standard;

  • Mild steel = 0% material retention
  • Basic hardfacing wires* = 40-50% material retention
  • Platinum CX-1800 = 83% material retention


Super User-Friendly

Just like CrC, CX-1800 is very easy to use and apply;

  • Gasless for ease of use in the field or the workshop
  • Suitable for use with portable MIG welders (requires 140-200 amps)
  • Available in 1.2mm x 4.5kg or 15kg spools

In fact, CX-1800 offers unbeatable user appeal, thanks to the use of very high quality European raw materials that result in a smoother arc, even at lower weld parameters.  This makes it tolerant to a wider range of parameters so you can minimise the time spent adjusting settings and maximise welding time. 


Ideal for "Metal-to-Earth" Applications

CX-1800 is ideal for applications where tool/equipment wear is most caused by abrasion, with low-to-medium impact levels. This is the most common scenario for agricultural and general earth moving applications, where the tool is scraping or sliding against abrasive matter/earth. A classic example is ground-engaging equipment used in sandy and clay soils. (Australian sandy soils are among the most abrasive in the world). 

Applications include; points, tynes, buckets lips & teeth, screws, augers, grousers, harvesting & cutting equipment, and more. 


Great Value

We believe that new technology and improved performance shouldn't have to cost the earth. CX-1800 offers both outstanding performance and value for money.  Contact your local Weldclass distributor today for pricing and supply. 


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*Basic hardfacing wires with typical Cr content of <15%. Comparisons shown are approximate typical values, for indicative comparison purposes only. Actual performance will vary from product to product and application to application. Trials should be conducted to determine how a specific wire will perform in any given application/situation.

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