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Anzac day 2018: Weldclass Donates $500 to Legacy Australia

We're pleased to donate to a great cause that supports veterans and their families


Weldclass has donated $500 to the Legacy organisation, in celebration of Anzac Day 2018 and in honour of the sacrifice of so many Australian service men & women through the decades.

At Weldclass, a number of our staff have family members and friends that have served in Australia's armed forces and we're keen to continue supporting Legacy into the future. 

Many thanks to our customers who support us and make this possible... and hats off to the thousands of Legacy volunteers who continue give up their time for others.


Legacy is a voluntary organisation that provides care and services to around 70,000 families of Australian veterans who have died or given their health as a result of their military service.

In the whirlwind of business and daily life, it's easy to forget about the sacrifice that these Australians and their loved ones  have made, and continue to make, to secure and defend the freedoms that we often take for granted in this fortunate and lucky country. 

We encourage all Australians to donate to Legacy, so please help spread the word about their fantastic work!

Visit the Legacy website to learn more and to make a donation: http://www.legacy.com.au/About

Download the Legacy 'keeping the promise' booklet - click here.





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