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Jackson Hard Hat System for welding helmets

Date: 09-10-2015

Your questions answered on the Hard Hat System to suit Jackson WH70 Welding Helmets… arguably the most functional and ergonomic welding helmet and hard hat combination available on the market today!

WH70 GDS Hard Hat       WH70 GDS

What are the disadvantages of other hard hat systems ?

Here’s where many other hard hat systems for welding helmets let welders down:

  • Many have been designed as an after-thought, not as a total package
  • Some attempt to make the helmet fit “most common hard hats”, resulting in a system that doesn’t fit any hard hat properly
  • The hard hat attachment mechanism is often “clunky” or loose fitting, and the pivot / ratchet mechanisms have poor functionality
  • The helmet is positioned further away from the welders face and from the centre of gravity.. this makes it feel heavier and increases strain on the operator
  •  Fitting the hard hat system to the welding helmet can often be complicated and time consuming to fit and equally complicated to remove
  • Or… at the other extreme some hard hat and welding combinations are very functional but are only available as a complete unit at a high cost, and the hard hat cannot be removed if so required

The Jackson system overcomes virtually all these issues!


So what makes the Jackson Hard Hat System so functional, flexible and cost effective ?

The Jackson Hard-Hat system is specifically designed to suit Jackson WH70 helmets. This means that all three components; the welding helmet, the adaptor and the hard hat – could be designed as a complete system, engineered for perfect fit and smooth action. 

Not only that, but it is also a modular and flexible system;

  • Don’t need a hard hat now but might need one later?  Easy, you can purchase the hard hat system any time you like and fit it to your existing helmet.
  • Need to wear a hard hat sometimes but not others?  No problem, it’s quick to take that hard hat on and off


Do I need to buy a special welding helmet ?

No. If you have a Jackson WH70 or WH70 Airmax Helmet all you need is the KC-J5234/K Kit (hard hat + adaptor).

You can fit the hard hat at any time, or remove it and revert back to standard headgear at any time.


How does the hard-hat attach to the helmet ?

Simply remove the standard headgear, fit the hard-hat adaptors, then clip on the hard hat. Simple!  The hard hat adaptors fit into the same slots as the headgear… no special modifications necessary.

The adaptors fit neatly into slots in the side brim of the hard hat to hold it firmly in place, and has a quick-release clip so it can be installed or removed in seconds.

WH70 Hard Hat Assembly           WH70 Hard Hat Adaptor
What if I’ve finished welding but I still need to wear the hard hat ?

No problem. Just un-clip the helmet & take it off. It’s so simple that you can do it even without having to remove it off your head !


What about tilting the helmet up and down ?

Lifting / tilting the helmet up/down works just as well with the hard hat system as it does without it.

The hard hat adaptor has a hinged spring-loaded mechanism for ultra-smooth up/down action and very positive latching so the helmet stays up when you want it to.

WH70 Down Up WH70 Hard Hat Up

Does it affect weight and balance ?

The hard hat system is designed so that there is almost no change to the position of the helmet in relation to the operators head and the centre of gravity.

With the headgear removed and hard hat adaptor fitted, there is no change to the weight of the helmet itself.

WH70 Hard Hat Back
What about the design of the hard-hat itself ?

The high quality hard hat is made in Europe and has a ratchet style headgear for firm fit.

The low profile and short brim on the hard hat also allows the welding helmet to remain at the normal distance from the welders face, and keeps the whole system compact and ergonomic.


Do I have to use the Jackson Hard Hat or can I use other brands ?

The hard-hat, adaptor and welding helmet are all designed as one complete system, so yes you do need to use the Jackson Hard Hat. This gives you the benefits of a properly engineered system that actually works!


Can it be used with Air-Fed (Respiratory) Helmets ?

Yes. The Jackson can be used on either the standard WH70 helmet or the ‘Airmax’ respiratory helmet.  

WH70 HH GDS AirWH70 GDS Air DS + Airmax Elite 


WH70 Airmax.jpg WH70 Hard-Hat.jpgWH70 GDS.jpg


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