Model Name Changes - Welding and Plasma Machines

Date: 22-03-2023




A fresh look

As you may have noticed, Weldclass has recently updated our logo and branding.  This further evolution of our brand reflects our committment to ongoing improvement in all areas of Weldclass products and customer service.

As part of this evolution, welding and plasma cutting machines are also undergoing a refresh.


Welding and Plasma Cutting Machines

Over the coming months, machine model names will be updated as follows.

Other than the model name and machine appearance (logo, colours, etc), machine specifications for each model remain the same.


Model Numbers

Model Name

Model Name
Changing to

Regular Machine Range

135ST, 140ST, 180ST, 201T
160MST, 180MST, 200MST, 205MST, 255MST




European Machine Range

136S, 181S, 202T
155M, 175MST, 210MST, 250MST, 220MP
41PA, 43P






A New, Industry-First Warranty Offer

But wait, there's more!  All Weldclass machines are now available with an industry-first 7-Year Warranty - or in the case of European machines a 10-Year Warranty

The Weldclass 7-Year Warranty is also available on other products, including welding helmets and more.

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