A Little Bit About Us...

Over 35 years ago an Australian family-owned company entered the Welding Market and they have grown to become one of the leading lights in the Welding and metal-fabrication supply market. One of their first products, the now-famous Taipan Original Flap Disc got it right then and they’ve been getting it right ever since with a stable of world-class products and unique solutions.


From helmets and welding safety products to abrasives, consumables and welding accessories.... Weldclass products are used successfully by welders right across the country. They are the mainstay of professionals in engineering workshops, mine sites, manufacturing plants, farm sheds and building sites.

Weldclass products have been used to repair stockyards, build pipelines, repair machinery, construct infrastructure....and maybe even built your house or shed.


Sure, our products are built to survive the rigours of the factory floor but we like to think that what makes Weldclass different is the extra time we put into getting the product right for you.

Weldclass is not "just another welding supplier” and we don’t just “bring in stuff”.  We do lots of customer research before we choose our products....we carefully source manufacturers world-wide, analyse their capabilities and painstakingly work with them to develop products to deliver what the professional welder expects....both now and in the future.

We really enjoy delivering unexpected solutions. While many of our products look familiar and similar to others...there are quite a few that perform above and beyond, or provide solutions that save you hassle & time. Just to name a few... the EC500H earth clamp, the self-attaching helmet hood, and the Weldclass Clear Lens range. Or the legendary Platinum GL-11 Gasless Wire; (we've lost count of how many welders tell us that this is the smoothest-running, most user-friendly gasless wire they've ever used).


Our regular customers have been with us for years not just because of our products but because of the time, care and energy we put into our customer service. Our products are designed to work every time in all conditions but if you have any problems, issues or suggestions with any of our range, we want to hear from you. Listening to our customers is what we do best and that’s what has kept us going and growing for over 35 years.


Customer-driven innovation; for the customer, by the customer.  Because we would not be here without You.