Welding Helmet - Jackson WH70 with Airmax Respirator

The Jackson WH70 Airmax is an undisputed world leader among respiratory (PAPR fresh air) welding helmets. Worlds Best Vision (1/1/1/1/ optical rating), Worlds Best lens Warranty (5 years), Advanced Airmax respirator, superior European Quality & Reliability, Unique Comfort Face Seal system, Super Intelligent Sensing, Large view area & more. Expect exceptional comfort, an amazingly crisp view of the weld, ultra reliable switching. Click on 'More Info' for a full list of features.

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Also Known As:
Jackson Safety Brand Welding helmet hood mask with air blower air fed powered respirator PAPR powered air purifying purification respirator, air filter, air flow, air supply system, positive air, positive air pressure helmet, fume extraction, clean air, fresh air, easy breathing, respiratory welders helmet, battery powered belt pack, Balder BH3, Kimberly-Clark, stocked in Australia

Jackson WH70 with Balder Technology... "Worlds Best Vision"

> Superior European Quality, Reliability and Design
> For Welding Professionals & Workshops that demand the best in Productivity, Safety & Comfort
> Tested & Conforms to: AS1716 (respirator system), AS1337.1 High-Impact (helmet), AS1338.1 (lens)
> 5 Year Warranty on welding lens

> Professional & Industrial Applications
> For MIG, TIG & Stick, including Low-Amp TIG down to 1 Amp
> Also suitable for Oxy & Plasma Cutting (with shade 6-8 mode)
> Popular for Gal, Aluminium, Stainless & Flux-Cored Welding, where fume concentration/hazard is especially high

> 5 Year Warranty (on auto darkening lens)
> Leading 'Balder' Auto-Darkening Technology - world first 1/1/1/1 Optical Rating
> Incredibly Clear Vision, before, during & after welding
> Low-Profile External Controls, with Shade, Sensitivity, Delay & Grind Mode
> Dual Shade Range: 6-8 for Plasma/Oxy & 9-13 for Welding

> Slim Low-Profile & Lightweight Design
> Dual Airflow Settings - Simple control with only one button
> Automatic airflow control ensures Constant Flow Rate regardless of the level of filter clogging or battery charge
> Audio, Visual and Vibrating Alarms indicate when battery charge &/or filter replacement is required
> Heavy Duty Li-Ion Battery - Charging time less than 3 hours, Operating time up to 10 hours
> Unique Dual-Filter System

> Jackson WH70 GDS Air Helmet
> Airmax Elite Respirator System with belt, battery & charger
> Air Hose with Flameproof Cover
> Carry Bag

What Else ?
The JACKSON SAFETY AIRMAX ELITE system is for protecting the respiratory pathways. It works on the principle of positive pressure. The belt mounted blower unit delivers air through a filter and via an air hose into the helmet. The supply of filtered air creates positive pressure inside the headpiece, which prevents the external contaminated air from entering the user’s breathing zone.
The supply of clean air also ensures comfortable breathing without having to overcome the resistance of the filters.

Darren - NSW
Hi there, I received the helmet yesterday & I must say in over 35 yrs of welding this is the best helmet I've ever used so thank you for recommending it.

Gary - VIC
Definitely reccomend this helmet. It's nice to not be breathing up fumes. Fantastic when welding galvanised steel.